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Top Twitter Tools List

In working on my article for Digital Landing on how to make the most of Twitter, I researched dozens of great applications. Since I couldn't write about them all in my article there, I decided to post the list of what I looked at here, so anyone can have a look. Of course there are more that are not on this list, but I have other resource lists where those can be found at the top.

Is there something great I'm missing on the list? Add it in the comments or email me at sairy(at)sairy(dot)com - or just tweet to @sairy.

Overall Twitter resources:
  • Twitter Fan Wiki - Everything you ever wanted to know about Twitter
  • Alltop Twitter Page - great blogs all about Twitter and related apps
  • @Twitter_Tips - great fed of all kinds of Twitter tools
  • @TweetingTools - more good tips on Twitter, with random quotes to boot

    Twitter search and display:
  • Twitter Search - official Twitter search
  • Twitterfall - view tweets via subject as they "fall" like a waterfall down the screen

    Multi-account and multi-user applications:
  • Tweetdeck - desktop & mobile apps (Mac, Windows, Linux) that allows for groupings and advanced features; top favorite of all apps
  • PeopleBrowsr - highly configurable, full featured web-based series of apps for Twitter use - includes search and configurable groupings apps
  • Tweetie - multi-account viewer for the Mac
  • Cotweet - multi-user twitter, ideal for businesses; the standard-bearer in business Twitter use
  • Twhirl - multi-account viewer for Windows & Mac (based on Adobe Air)
  • Tweetvisor - browser-based Twitter that allows for viewing tweets, @replies and DMs all at one on a quick interface
  • Nambu - robust viewer for the Mac
  • HootSuite - sleek, web-based multi-account Twitter interface; also comes with a Hootlet toolbar mini-app that works with Firefox, Safari and IE
  • Twibble - desktop app for Mac, Linux and Windows, supports multiple accounts
  • Seesmic Desktop - well reputed desktop app for Mac or Windows (based on Adobe Air)
  • Seesmic Web App - very clean UI for single-account Twitter view

    For the iPhone:
  • Tweetie - easy-to-use, full-featured multi-account application
  • Twitterific - multi-account Twitter, but minus a few features
  • Tweetdeck - multiple accounts, syncs, works with yfrog and Twitpic, URL shorteners; configurable
  • Nambu - fairly sophisticated app for single-Twitter use, integrated with FriendFeed, and
  • Twitterfon - basic, clear interface
  • Seesmic - iPhone app coming soon
  • Birdfeed - clean app with local caching and timestamps

    For the Blackberry:
  • Twitterberry - most popular Twitter updating software for Blackberry
  • Twibble - mobile version of desktop app integrated with Twitpic
  • UberTwitter - full featured app; integrated with Google Talk

    For Windows Mobile:
  • TinyTwitter - basic app for using Twitter (note: entire site optimized for mobile devices, not traditional browsers)
  • ceTwit - full featured client that works with Twitpic and
  • Quakk - open source Twitter app

    Twitter Feed Tools:
  • Twitterfeed - efficiently feeds blogs to twitter, allowing for added text configuration and timing
  • FriendFeed - view multiple twitter & other social media feeds
  • Posterous - posts to blogs and twitter feeds on a wide range of platforms; recommended by Guy Kawasaki
  • Lazyfeed - allows for blog feeds (like a feed reader) as well as input to personal feeds; similar to FriendFeed but a more professional UI

    Stats & Analysis:
  • Twitter Grader - gives grades based on a 100% scale, based on number of followers, power of followers, number of updates, update recency, engagement level and follower/following ratio
  • Twitterank - ranking algorithm built by a Google programmer, rates percentages of accounts
  • Twitalyzer & Twitalyzer Pro - analyzes overall influence, retweets, references to and mentions of the account, with Pro features showing top influencers in your network
  • - tracks followers, friends and updates over time
  • Socialtoo - allows for surveys & stats but have to pay for Twitter stats
  • Twitter Analyzer - has nice graphs of usage by keyword, hashtags, etc.
  • TweetStats - graphs tweets per hour, month, etc.
  • Tweet Counter - sends reminders when users are close to major milestones like 100, 1000, etc.
  • twInfluence - provides sleek graphs of usage by interface, @replies, RT's, by month, days of the week, and time of day

    Follower Management:
  • Twerp Scan - "anti-fool contact management" system; can manage by followers or those being followed and is quick to add/subtract - much more efficient than follower management in Twitter
  • Mr. Tweet - recommendation engine
  • WeFollow - adds users to searchable threads
  • SocialNewsWatch List of Top 237 Twitter Users Who Will Follow You Back - what it says it is, based on number of followers
  • Tweet Friends - compares 2 twitter feeds for common friends added over past 24 hours (or so)

    Browser Plug-Ins:
  • Twitter Friend Bios - plugin for Firefox browser
  • Shareaholic - drop-down plugin for viewing multiple social networking feeds
  • Twitbin - sidebar plugin for Firefox

    Marketing & Advertising Tools:
  • EasyTweets - cost depends on number of feeds, accounts, and continuous searches; posts automatically to Twitter
  • Twittad - affinity network that connects twitter feeds with advertisers; works on mobile devices
  • TweetROI - tweet about whatever you want (from their list of advertisers) and get paid for it
  • Magpie - embedded ads into user timelines
  • Izea - boasting 25,000 advertisers and 250,000 bloggers, they produce "sponsored conversations"

    Payment Engines:
  • twitpay - allows for Twitter payments via PayPal; for all kinds of purposes via RT2Buy system
  • tipjoy - makes it easy to pay other Twitter users or to let them pay you with a simple 'p $x @user' command

    Twitter Backgrounds:
  • PrettyTweet - creates twitter backgrounds

    Images & Videos via Twitter:
  • yfrog - enables image & video sharing
  • Twitpic - sends photos to Twitter, view photos posted by others
  • - photo URLs and stats, usable with Twitter

    Assistive Tools:
  • Twitwoop - allows you to record tweets by voice

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    At 9:12 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    the 2 Palm Pre Twitter apps are pretty good too:



    At 12:51 PM , Blogger Unknown said...

    TweetDeck is also an Air application (might want to mention that).

    Also, not sure if it's on your radar but Blu ( is a pretty nice client from my standpoint.

    At 2:28 PM , Blogger Shaun said...

    My favorite Twitter Search tool?


    Check it.

    Shaun Dakin
    Mashable Open Web Award Winner 2008
    @IsCool, @EndTheRoboCalls, @PrivacyCampDC

    At 1:08 PM , Anonymous Mark Belinsky said...

    There are also good tools that show Twitter live at conferences. Personal Democracy Forum 09 used Twitterslurp powered by The Bivings Group but there are others too.

    At 11:52 AM , Blogger lounge_chameleon said...

    AWESOME list of twitter tools...but how come I can't TWEET this post????


    At 9:16 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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