Saturday, September 27, 2008

Blogging the Debates

The first debate finally came and went, and it was fun to spend time viewing both candidates while talking off and online. You can see the MOMocrats' live chat, the BlogHer open thread/live blog, and my twitter feed for what I wrote live - it was mostly casual responses.

Over the weekend, I plan to use the in-video blogging tools from VoterWatch's site and I should be able to embed some of that here.

I'll be doing more of this type of coverage for the other debates, and possibly liveblogging for MOMocrats. Stay tuned.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Listen to Digital Politics Thursday

Thursday, September 25th, I'll be on Karen Jagoda's "Digital Politics" radio show at SignOnRadio. The topic of the show is women voters and I will be on with Mindy Finn who ran e-strategy for Mitt Romney '08 and worked on Bush '04 as well as for the RNC.

The show begins at 12:00pm Pacific and those who are interested can listen live from the site via RealPlayer, Windows Media Player, or iTunes. Call-in number is 866-818-6384 for questions. The show will be podcast and available for listening after it's aired as well. Check back to the site for more details.

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Coverage from Democratic National Convention

I'm still catching-up from covering the Democratic National Convention, but I've done a terrible job logging all of what I wrote about the experience and I've been getting several requests to summarize and link to the posts from the week. So belatedly, here they are:

Women for Obama Blog -
Coming Together

WomenCount Blog -
Unconventional Nancy Pelosi Calls for More Women in Government
WomenCount Launch Celebration at DNCC (edited and half written by me; the rest by other MOMocrats)
Out of the Race, But Continuing to Fight for Issues Important to Women

Also, here's a post about a panel I was on for WomenCount in The Big Tent: Cracks in the Glass Ceiling: A WomenCount Panel. Erin Kotecki Vest of BlogHer, also on the panel, wrote a post about it including Q&A following the discussion. I heard through the grapevine the entire video was supposed to be up at The Big Tent YouTube channel, but I have yet to find that.

FutureCampaigns Blog -
The DNCC & Netroots: They're Beginning to Get It

BlogHer Politics -
From Twitter to Tear Gas: MOMocrats Take Denver & the DNCC
MOMocrats Rubbing Elbows at the Democratic National Convention
Hillary Clinton Calls for Vote by Affirmation - Barack Obama is the Democratic Nominee
MOMocrats at the DNCC: We Came, We Saw, We're Exhausted

MOMocrats -
Barack Obama is the Nominee - Vote by Affirmation!
The DNC: Up & Coming Democratic Leaders
No Police Outside Invesco for Obama Speech - Longest Lines in History (the night of the big event at Invesco field)

Here are some great photos of the MOMocrats in a post by Glennia Campbell, MOMocrats Managing Editor, and Glennia's flickr stream has more great images.

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