Monday, July 20, 2009


A lot's been happening lately for me - elsewhere... so here's a bit of a summary for those who are curious. Also, I keep recent news of what I've been doing professionally updated typically at my professional website,

My new media consulting (via PublicEdge) is going well. I'm working primarily with WomenCount as their director of new media. It's been wonderful working with elected women and women candidates on the blog, the radio show, and via Twitter. I've also been helping some online publications, start-ups, nonprofit and other political organizations.

In March and April, I received two awards. March's was a collective writing award given to an issue of Bay Area Parent where I wrote an article about gifted children (what it's like to have one, and what it's like to be one). In April, I received a new media award from the California Democratic Party, which was entirely unexpected but felt nice to be recognized for my political new media work.

I've been speaking at a ton of conferences lately. In February, I spoke at Fem 2.0. In March, I was at South by Southwest Interactive. In April, I provided a couple of trainings on social media and then I spoke at the Nonprofit Technology Conference on 3 panels. I also spoke at the Netroots Nation New Media Summit and at the 140TC conference. All three of those were in the Bay Area. I organized 2 other panels for the Computers, Freedom and Privacy conference in June. Then in August, I'll be speaking on 3 more panels at Netroots Nation. I'm looking forward to a break from conferences for a while after all of that.

Recently, I was featured in Vivanista's "Quintessential Careers" column for my work with SFBayStyle, and I was interviewed for an Entrepreneur magazine piece about social media as well.

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